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This is the first Polaroid-style instant camera to come out in over 20 years. It is an improvement on that original point, click, shake and laugh photo process that Polaroid first brought us. Though, if memory serves, you’re not actually supposed to shake Polaroids (whoops).

The I-1 Analog Instant Camera is made by The Impossible Project; this company purchased all of the machines from Polaroid when they’d shut down their last film factory in 2008. The Impossible Project re-engineered instant films from scratch (I imagine due to copyrights and such) but now they hold the market on Instant Film, allowing people with old Polaroid cameras to continue snapping instant photos.

The Impossible Project developed their I-1 to meld instant cameras with the digital age. The I-1 does everything the old Polaroids did, and has much of the same functionality of current digital cameras. You can connect the camera to your iPhone so you can access the creative tools (like your favourite filters!); the manual mode allows you to control exposure, aperture and shutter speed; and the ring flash enlightens with soft diffused light that’s perfect for portraits.

The Impossible Project is still developing more tools for their I-1 Analog Instant Camera – something to look for in the future!

I-1 Analog Instant Camera/$300


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