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Dancing to your favourite tunes when you’re out of the house is often difficult when you’re limited to tiny ear buds. It gets worse when you want to share said tunes with friends, but all you have are the speakers on your phone. The portable speaker market is filled with such a vast selection that picking the one that will let you dance like no one is watching can be … difficult.

KEF Muo Wireless Speaker was far ahead of the pack when it first came out in 2015 – the most impressive feature is the compact version of KEF’s UniQ ‘point source’ driver (used in their bookshelf and large speaker models). This driver ensures minimal sound interference. Most portable speakers have two-drivers on either side, each emitting sound waves that end up bouncing off each other so that there are spots with distorted music around the speaker. KEF’s UniQ driver emits music from a single point, creating a fluid, disruption-free sound from every angle. The driver flanks the central bass radiator so that the sound is absolutely clear, a design unique to the Muo back when it was first released.

That being said, the bass isn’t very strong. The mid-range and treble detail outstrips everything else on the market; you can turn the volume up to near-uncomfortable levels without the speakers crackling at you as if they’re trying to break apart. Even so, the bass is sort of missing no matter what volume you set it to, giving songs that require a lot bass a lack of depth.

Sound-wise, this is a good portable speaker for people who love music with texture and detail. Its portability is enhanced by the fact that you can stream your music via bluetooth from both a computer or a mobile device. You can also synchronize a pair of speakers if you need to fill a room for a party – it’s the ‘dual connect’ party mode, designed specifically for large gatherings. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours and, when the speaker isn’t in use, it’ll switch off automatically.

You can set the Muo vertically or horizontally – the device optimizes the output for either orientation. The aluminum body is a single piece of metal, with light rubberized plastic end caps and rubbery pads on the underside for secure purchase on your shelf.

Available in silver, blue, grey, orange, gold or pink.

KEF Muo Wireless Speaker  / $350

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