JP Wiser’s Manhattan Whisky Cocktail

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JP Wiser's Manhattan

JP Wiser’s Manhattan is a ready-to-serve cocktail made with Canadian whisky, vermouth and natural flavours. It is the perfect addition to any party bar, and especially if you’re having a large gathering and don’t want to be stuck mixing cocktails.

We received a bottle of JP Wiser’s Manhattan to test out. It pours out a dark, caramel brown, then, as the ice melts, it lightens nicely to amber. There isn’t much whiskey hitting you on the nose; instead you get sweet notes of fresh cedar and cherry. It tastes as sweet as it smells. There is a good balance of sweet and whisky in the glass. You don’t actually have to add a cherry to the glass. The mix itself has enough cherry flavour to satisfy. When we added a cherry, it almost overpowered the cocktail. Smooth, smoky whisky notes come in on the short finish. This isn’t a strong Manhattan, and it doesn’t linger in the mouth, which is nice.

The Manhattan and Old Fashioned are two classic whisky cocktails JP Wiser’s have brought to the bottle, pre-made and ready to sip (over ice of course). This pre-made cocktail line is JP Wiser’s way of bringing the classic drinks into your home in three easy steps: simply pour over ice, stir and garnish.

JP Wiser’s Manhattan / $29.95

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