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Jelt belt

How often have you put on a belt only to realize that the buckle bulged out embarrassingly under your clothes? Or perhaps bent over to pick up a pen and found your pants still slid down to show an unattractive sight to your friends and coworkers, regardless of the fact that you were wearing a belt? Jelt, created by Montana ranch-owner Jen Perry, is a fashionable solution to both of these problems.

The Jelt belt’s modern-retro 80s style looks good when you tuck in your shirt, and disappears when you don’t. Unisex, it is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. There is no metal on the belt anywhere. This is good for two reasons: one, if you’re allergic to metal or have sensitive skin, it will be a comfortable fit (plus, in the winter, there’s no chilly cold-metal surprise); and two, you can keep your belt on through metal detectors. The stretch elastic is durable and strong. A grippy gel coats in the interior of the belt, so it’ll keep your pants in place no matter what activity you do – sitting, standing, hiking, climbing stairs, picking up pens off the floor.

It is comfortable to wear; it doesn’t bind and even works with pants that are a little to large around the waist. The grippy gel on the interior kept the belt in place, just as the product description said it would. The buckle is practically invisible under a shirt. It takes up very little space in a suitcase, as it rolls up quite small.

However, there are some downsides to the Jelt belt. The very strong elastic doesn’t leave a lot of room for bloating or expanding throughout the day. The belt is not adjustable, a design choice made to keep it as low profile as possible. It is available in four sizes ranging from extra small to large – and if you do accidentally get the wrong size, the customer service team is more than happy to help you exchange it for the right size.

While durability and strength in an elastic belt is what you want, it ends up being a bit of a danger when you unbuckle; the belt snaps open and springs through the belt hoops, with the hard plastic buckle smacking your fingers. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it means the belt will retain its elasticity for a long time, just a note for anyone who has to undo their pants in a hurry – watch your fingers!

The belt is available in a variety of colours. It makes coordinating outfits easy, and even adds a stylish pop of colour to a grey/black outfit, if you so choose.

Jelt belts empower women in the Montara area – women living on rural ranches and at the Women’s Prison in Billings (through the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program) make the belts. And a portion of every belt sale is donated to different organizations; thousands of dollars of have donated to charities all over the world already.

Never has a belt done so much good.

Jelt Belt / $32

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