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I love the mason jar aesthetic. When I’m out at a restaurant and they serve my beverage in a mason jar, I get this odd little thrill of excitement. I don’t really know why, but there it is. I’m a mason jar lover. So the Jarware mason jar lids are right up my alley.

Jarware makes mason jar attachments that serve a variety of purposes in the kitchen; their 7 piece kitchen pack, for example, comes with spice lids, coffee spoon clips, salt and pepper shaker lid, oil cruet lid and a soap pump lid. These attachments clip on to standard mason jars, with the occasional attachment (like the juicer lid) designed for wide mouth or other sized mason jars.

I tested out three of their lids.

Salt and Pepper

I really like the idea of this – having both my salt and pepper in the same container and twisting the lid to select either salt, pepper or both. I can see this saving that extra couple of seconds when you’re cooking and the recipe calls for both (so you don’t have to add one, then grab the other). As I’m sure we all know, some dishes can go from perfect to burned in just a few seconds.

Putting it together was a bit tricky (for me). I had some issues getting the lid to tighten without the pepper container coming undone and tipping over in the jar. My theory is that the locking design that connects the pepper contain to the top part of the attachment isn’t quite as secure as it could be. That being said, once I got it all together, it worked beautifully. The twisty part is smooth and doesn’t spin around once you’ve decided if you want salt, pepper or both. The holes are big enough to shake out just enough of the grains without overloading your food.

There is potential for the holes to get gummed up, especially if the top is damp or there’s a lot of humidity in the air. The same can be said for any salt and pepper shaker; it’s just a matter of proper storage and drying it completely before use. Overall, a nice attachment for people who love mason jars… and salt and pepper.

Honey Dipper

This is a solid piece that snaps tightly into the mason jar’s metal screw band. It was easy to put together and fit well in my medium sized jar. Using it is simple as well – once the attachment is in the band, you can just open the lid and pull out your honey in one movement.

A nice attachment for people who buy locally made honey (that doesn’t come with a honey dipper) or who buy store bought honey in those plastic bottles with the pour spout, and would prefer to use a honey dipper for their tea or toast.


The design of this juicer is nearly perfect. It rips through citrus with just a few twists. The juice drips down into the mason jar so your prep space stays clean (and doesn’t get sticky). Sturdy construction means you can apply as much (or as little) pressure onto the juicer as needed.

Very narrow seed-catching compartments are the only downside. It can be difficult to remove seeds and pulp – I needed to pry some out with a toothpick; so if you’re looking for a quick rinse and wipe style juicer, this may not be the ideal one. However, the benefits are many – easy to put together and easy to use.

All Jarware lids are dishwasher safe. Made from BPA-free, recycled plastic, they’re completely food safe. The company encourages consumers to use repurposed mason jars, which is what I do, and their blog has a myriad of ideas for other recycling projects.

Salt & Pepper Shaker / $4.99
Honey Dipper / $4.99
Juicer / $5.99

A freelance writer and editor, Lisa Hoekstra loves learning and trying new things. She can be found with her nose in a book or multiple tabs open on her browser as she researches the latest and greatest in the world of food, style and everything in between.

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