Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey

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Hell-Cat Maggie is an Irish Whiskey produced by the Minneapolis-based Phillips Distilling Co. Hell-Cat Maggie is distilled in County Louth, Ireland and popular in North America for its smooth, subtle character.

Hell-Cat is super smooth with subtle nutty flavours and very little of the acerbic bite or smoky peat that whiskey aficionados have come to expect from an Irish dram. It’s exceptionally smooth. Makes it nearly impossible to tell that it’s 40% ABV. While fervent Irish whiskey lovers might find that a bit too… tame… for their liking, this does make Hell-Cat a great entry level Irish Whiskey for new comers to the whiskey world. It would also be a great starter whiskey for a tasting.

Overall, it’s a good dram to whet the palate, especially if you’re expecting the subtle smoothness.

Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey / $35.25

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