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The Hasselblad True Zoom Camera is a module that can be connected to any of the Motorola Z phones. It transforms phones into point-and-click cameras, with all the functions and quality images that you would see with a more affordable camera. The module gives phones optical zoom – currently, phones come with a digital zoom, where the camera zooms in and crops, then uses post-processing clean up to fix the blur issue (not successfully as we can all attest). The designers kept the camera digital because to do otherwise would require a thicker phone design. Optical zoom physically moves the lens (or lenses) so that it can maintain details and sharpness.

The Hasselblad True Zoom snaps onto your phone with magnets; the gold pins connect it to your phone digitally prompting the True Zoom app to open on your phone. Once attached, the phone makes a noise and buzzes so you know it’s connected. There is also a power button on the module, which turns on and off the camera module, wakes up your phone and opens the app. A zoom dial and shutter button give you control over the 10x optical zoom – just like it would on a normal camera.

Ergonomic design makes it as easy to snap a photo with your phone – because taking pictures with a slippery oversize rectangle has always been a challenge. The images are RAW – the highest image quality possible. They are automatically backed up through the app and you can share them on the spot to your social media or with friends as you would with any other photo taken on your phone. Just better.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera/$300


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