Happy Daze Beanie knitting kit by Wool and the Gang

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Knitting has a long history – people have enjoyed this relaxing (and productive) past time for, well, ever. I first learned to knit from my grandmother. That was back when I was a child and I admit, I’d forgotten everything by the time my Happy Daze Beanie kit arrived.

Luckily, this kit is made for beginners. It comes in an attractive paper bag and the kit contains everything I needed – knitting needles, yarn, instructions and a needle, to finish the beanie.

The needles are absolutely beautiful. They are quite big though, a bit too big for my small hands – if I spent too long knitting, I got hand cramps. My yarn – “crazy sexy wool” as they call it – came in Sherpa Blue, a deep turquoise blue that is very close to my favourite colour. You can also get the yarn in a wide variety of other colours. The wool is thick, soft and very warm. Unfortunately, it did break a few times during my knitting experiment, but that could be because I pulled too hard.

Making the hat was fairly easy, once I figured out the instructions. The booklet came with three patterns: garter stitch, moss stitch and twisted rib stitch. All three are beginner level stitches. The instructions themselves were a bit confusing. I found the diagrams to be unclear and I had to read the steps multiple times before I understood the process. Fortunately, Wool and the Gang have several video tutorials on their website and these are much easier to follow. So if (when) you try you kit, I highly suggest watching their videos for each step while you work through the booklet.

Overall, this is a fun kit to introduce yourself (or a friend) to knitting. Plus, when you’re done, you get a new toque! I’m hoping to practice and try out one of their other kits in the near future… maybe one to make matching mittens.

Hat Measurements:

Width – 24.5cm/9.5″

Height – 22cm/8.5″

Happy Daze Beanie / $45.25

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