Gold Brew by Jimmy’s Coffee & ELXR Juice Lab

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ELXR Juice Lab and Jimmy’s Coffee collaborated to create Gold Brew, a cold-pressed “coffee” juice made with Jimmy’s Coffee special cold brew coffee blend, cashew mylk, alkaline water, turmeric juice, ginger juice, maple syrup, cinnamon and pink salt. It is the only cold brew/cold-pressed juice in Toronto – adding another dimension to ELXR Juice Lab’s healthy alternatives to regular food and Jimmy’s Coffee’s gourmet cold-brew coffee selection.

Gold Brew is an alternative for any coffee drinker who is looking to cut back on sugars, dairy or maybe just soften the blow of their morning coffee. Whether or not is a good alternative for you depends on how strong you like your coffee. When I opened the bottle, the first thing I thought of was those store-bought frappuccino blends, found at convenience stores and the like, made by name brands like Starbucks and Second Cup. I enjoy those, so it was a good first step.

I tasted it with a non-coffee drinker, who said it tasted very much like coffee. However, I found that, while the initial taste was latté-ish in nature, the secondary flavours of nuts, Christmas cookies and Christmas cake (that would be the ginger and tumeric), came to the fore and washed everything else out. Subsequent tastes proved to be mostly the same, with coffee notes hanging out on the edges, so I felt like I was drinking a fancy latté. I felt energized, too, so it did the job I normally ask coffee to do.

While I’m not quite ready to replace my usual morning mug, I think that Gold Brew is a juice worth checking out. Anytime you’re in Toronto, that is, since it can only be purchased at Jimmy’s Coffee locations in that fair city.

Gold Brew by Jimmy’s Coffee & ELXR Juice Lab / $10.50

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