Georgian Bay Smash Pack

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Georgian Bay Smash Pack

Summertime fun is easy with the Georgian Bay Smash Pack. Created by Georgian Bay Spirit Co. the Smash Pack includes their four pre-made cocktails and is easy to throw in your cooler for beach parties, camping and more.

Each of the 473ml cans feature a different flavour: Original Gin Smash, Original Vodka Smash, Original Smashed Tea and Cranberry Gin Smash. They have 5 percent alcohol, so they’re easy to drink without worrying too much about getting too tipsy to enjoy the party. Unlike other pre-made cocktails on the market, the Smash line doesn’t rely on sugar and overt sweetness to make them tasty. So the pack won’t leave you sugar shocked at the beach.

Here are my thoughts on these summer-time bevvies.

Georgian Bay Gin Smash
This is the most refreshing one of the bunch. A blend of Georgian Bay Gin, lemon, time, tangerine and mint, this one looks like carbonated water. On the nose, mint and orange/tangerine dominate. The big, juicy bubbles play on the tongue, carrying the orange/tangerine flavours softly through to a mid-palate of mint. It finishes just as soft, and leaves you feeling refreshed. As it warms up in the glass, the tangerine and mint intensify, so it tastes better slightly less chilled.

Original Smashed Tea
The newest flavour from Georgian Bay Spirit Co, this is a blend of their original Gin Smash and natural iced tea. It is tea coloured, and looks, smells and tastes a lot like pre-made iced tea from the bottle. If you like pre-made, jugged iced tea, you’ll like the Smashed Tea. In other words, it smells like used tea bags with a hint of lemon floating through the nose. On the sip, it balances nicely between bitter and sweet, with the intense bottled iced tea flavours complemented by citrus notes. It is stronger and heavier than the other three Smash cocktails. It is also a bit less refreshing. I’d only want to have one can of this at a time, switching to the other cocktails afterwards to wash away the astringent aftertaste.

Georgian Bay Vodka Smash
Made with Georgian Bay Vodka, lemon, lime, grapefruit and mint, the Vodka Smash smells like 7Up with a hint of mint mingled in. Grapefruit and lime hit the tastebuds fit, with the mint note coming in second to calm down all that citrusy acid. It finishes quite astringent, leaving the same mouthfeel you get after eating a sour candy. It is best enjoyed cold, as when it warms up it takes on a less-than-pleasant syrupy quality.

Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash
I tasted this one when it was released last year; you can read my tasting notes here.


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