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Delish cookbook

From the creators of food media brand, Delish, comes this cookbook designed to make every day like the weekend. “To quote the great Amy Poehler,” Delish writes on their website, “we’re not a regular cookbook, we’re a cool cookbook. We’ve got entire chapters dedicated to pizza and tacos, crazy memes sprinkled throughout, some of our favorite celebrity sound bites, and way more fun stuff.”

Editorial Director Joanna Saltz relaunched Delish in 2015. Her and her editorial team published this cookbook last fall in response to requests from their readers. They’ve packed over 300 recipes into 416 pages; some of the recipes are fan favourites and others are brand new, never before seen (or so they claim). It’s a casual, fun cookbook that embodies the weekend feeling.

In fact, if there ever were a “millennial” cookbook style, this would be it. It’s fun, casual, and not too serious. It gives you advice without being patronizing about it.  I’d say that the editors of Delish also recognize that the average reader loves good food while also not having the skills or the budget to really splurge. So they provide tips and tricks that make it easy for us to be culinary geniuses.

There are 12 sections in this cookbook: drinks, party appetizers, fun dips, sandwiches, dinner dishes, pizza, low-carb recipes, tex-mex themed, healthy dishes, brunch, dessert and holiday-based recipes. The recipes themselves follow your standard format: introduction, ingredients, step-based directions. That being said, some of the layouts are a bit confusing. Overcome that with a little focus (and appreciate the fun little tips and anecdotes).

The recipe selection is part nostalgic, with childhood recipes like grilled cheese and pancakes or waffles; part fun loving party with drink selections and appetizers. Then there are the recipes that indulge our sweet tooth and need for greasy dishes. I mean, they have a whole section for pizza alone (include pizza-stuffed bread!).

Ultimately, there’s something for everyone in this book. All you need is a good sense of humour and the desire to try new takes on your favourite dishes.

Available to purchase at, Indigo, BAM! Books A Million and Indie Bound.


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