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How we listen to music has evolved since the days of live bands and phonographs. Music lovers now have access to a variety of streaming services in addition to the pay-per-song stores, like iTunes, and the familiar CDs sold in brick-and-mortar stores across the world. One such service is Daytrotter. They set themselves apart by creating and playing only original content, recorded live in their studio for them and their listeners.

Daytrotter is a streaming music service available online for free (radio only) and for a minimal membership fee. Listeners looking for great background music and other coffee-shop-esque sounds will find that here. Indie music lovers who want to exclusive access to unique recordings by established artists and new, upcoming talent will enjoy Daytrotter’s archive of live recordings (the largest in the world, to be exact). More than 5,500 bands have recorded Daytrotter sessions, many before they became famous. Their recordings are exclusive to them – bands head over to the Daytrotter recording studio, record an original version of one of their songs and then Daytrotter airs that set on their site.

Free listeners have limited access to their content. You navigate over to the Daytrotter radio and have the option of listening to pre-determined set lists. All of the songs are Daytrotter originals, so you’ll still get to enjoy their signature tunes, but you can’t “favourite” songs or create your own playlists. As a free user, you can click individual songs to listen to them on the Paste Magazine site… but it’s not the same as streaming the content without interruption. Also, free visitors get a lower quality stream – 96K mp3.

This makes a Daytrotter membership extra special. With the membership, you have access to all of the content, current and archived. You can browse through, play songs, add them to your favourites, create new playlists and download your playlists so you can listen to them offline. Members receive high-quality 320K ad-free streaming; the downloads come in 320K mp3 files that you can download as ZIP files and unpack on your computer.

As a regular Spotify user, I can say that the free version of Daytrotter is a bit disappointing – I would enjoy streaming their original content if I could pick out my own songs and create my own playlist. I don’t mind ads at all. That being said, Spotify doesn’t stream original content per say – for the most part, Spotify’s songs are pre-recorded and also available through the usual stores and shops (iTunes, sold in CD format, etc.). Daytrotter’s songs are recorded, produced and owned by Daytrotter; when you think about the songs as their songs, it makes the minimal membership fee 100% worth the investment.

Daytrotter Membership / $2.99 per month

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