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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora lead

Crystal Head Vodka, the creators of that now-familiar skull bottle that is a huge hit at Halloween and a fun addition to any party every other day of the year, recently released their Crystal Head Aurora Vodka.

This iridescent bottle honours the Northern Lights, aka the Aurora Borealis. While I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the Northern Lights in person, I can compare the bottle to photos. The shimmer of the bottle is reminiscent of the dancing lights, perhaps the bottle is a bit more pink/purple than the lights themselves. According to the company, “to create the aesthetic of the lights’ mysterious visual properties, the skull shaped bottle is first placed into a sealed chamber and electrically charged. Two metals in powder form are activated seven times and released in the pressurized chamber. The powder is drawn to the electrically charged bottle – completely coating it. Then heated at high temperature, the powder melts, creating a uniquely iridescent metallized finish in which no two bottles are alike.”

It is a beautiful conversation piece, even if you never open it. Though, you should.

The vodka within entices with a pleasant nail-polish-remover-esque nose that carries onto the palate in a slightly less pleasant way. It hits hard at first, as vodka is wont to do. The burn doesn’t last long though – it stops very short, leaving little to no aftertaste. If I had to distill my thoughts of this down to one word, it would be “smooth”. If vodka shots must be had, this is the vodka you want in your glass.

The subtle flavours make it an excellent mixing vodka. It disappeared into my lemonade, and added a lovely little kick to my orange juice.

All in all, you should have a bottle of this in your bar, if not for the lovely decorative bottle, then for the excellent quality vodka it contains. Plus, it’s made in Newfoundland and filtered over Herkimer diamonds.

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka / $79.95*

*at the LCBO


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