Coors Slice: orange-flavoured beer

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Coors Slice

“Peel open a cold one” – that’s the tagline for Coors’ newest flavoured beer, released for a limited time this summer. An orange-flavoured beer cleverly called Coors Slice, the 4.2% ABV brew can be found on shelves at grocery stores, liquor stores and Quebec depanneurs until September.

Coors Slice is definitely a Coors beer. Pours very bubbly, with a clear, golden colour. It looks a lot like a soft drink rather than a beer. It’s light like the original with the same aromas floating out of the can. In fact, the nose brings you back to summer nights spent with your dad on the patio (providing your dad was a Coors drinker). And then the hint of citrus hits you, adding some orange slices to your memories. The nose lacks bitterness, so none of that strong, sharp beer smell here…

Onto the taste, which is really the most important part. Well, have you ever accidentally (or purposefully) eaten an orange peel? That’s kind of what this tastes like. Definitely orange flavoured, but more of the sharp, tangy quality rather than the sweet tart citrus flavour of the “meat” of an orange. Very light and refreshing, this was made for hot summer nights and casual social drinkers, rather than avid beer fans. It’s a good beer to cap off an evening of heavier brews – in fact, drinking this after the stronger stuff makes it better. It leaves a pleasant refreshing orange taste that’ll carry you through until the sun comes up (or the party ends).

If you pick up a case this summer, share your stories with the hashtag #CoorsSlice.

Coors Slice / Price varies by case size; only available in cans

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