Cheers! 3pc candy bento box by Sugarfina

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Candy is delicious. This is no secret. Candy that tastes like our favourite alcoholic beverages is even more delicious. Sugarfina makes exactly that – adult candy. Creators Josh Resnick and Rosie O’Neill tasted thousands of candies by the best artisan candy makers to build their selection of gourmet sweets, which they launched in 2012. They’ve grown their selection – it’s pretty impressive – and expanded to locations across North America and internationally. I tested out their Cheers! candy bento box, which included 3.5 oz each of: champagne bears, champagne bubbles and bubbly bears.

Champagne Bears

Made with Dom Perpignan Champagne, they come in Brut (yellow) and Rose (pink) flavours. They look exactly like gummy bears, smell a little bit like feet (may have been the packaging though) and taste a bit like wine gums. Overall, subtle, very subtle, flavour that has a bitter aftertaste and very little sweetness.

Bubbly Bears

These are the Champagne Bears coated with sugar crystals. Think Sour Patch Kids, only with a champagne twist. These were my favourite of the three candies – the subtle flavour of the Champagne Bears is complemented by the sweet-sour sugar coating, making them really easy to eat a whole box in one sitting. Plus, no feet smell.

Champagne Bubbles

These ones are dome-shaped and covered with tiny white sugar balls. This makes for an interesting crunchy-chewy texture. The sugar coating is sweet, as you would expect. The interior tastes like pears and apples, mimicking the taste of a quality champagne.

Before I’d finished up these candies, I knew I would be ordering more – this delicious adult candy is just too good to pass by.

Cheers! 3pc candy bento box by Sugarfina / $36.95

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