Cayman Reef Barbados Rum – Aged 5 Years

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This amber rum hails from Barbados, sourced by Phillips Products Co and stocked by our friendly neighbourhood liquor store. The 750ml glass bottle holds 40% ABV rum that has a bit of a kick.

In the glass, it’s the colour of maple syrup or tree sap – a quite attractive, dark amber glow. It starts off strong – one whiff and I already felt my sinuses clearing. There’s some spice, invoking memories of woodsy cinnamon and those musty oak chests you’d find in your grandmother’s attic (the one’s you’d open to find the extra quilts or old clothes).

First taste was… intense. The heat almost jumps up to bite your tongue. After that first punch, you get a sense of added sweetness – it creeps in like molasses. Actually, it tastes like molasses too. The second sip has the same bite, but not quite as intense, so you can enjoy the nuances in the glass. It lingers, hanging out on your palate until you wash it away with a sip of soda.

Cayman Reef Barbados Rum may not be as smooth as, say, Bacardi, but it does have character. This is a good rum for people who like it when their rum has some bite and a lot of heat. It is excellent in a rum and coke.

Cayman Reef Barbados Rum – Aged 5 Years / $37.25

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