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Summer is right around the corner. No, I swear it is. I promise. As an avid lover of reading a book on the beach or on my balcony or really anywhere there’s a sunbeam, I can vouch for the sheer pleasure of sitting with a cocktail. The one downside is, of course, the fact that most cocktails require mixing containers and a glass – not very convenient when you’re day-tripping to the beach.

Luckily, Buzzballz founder Merrilee Kick thought just that when she was sitting by the edge of a backyard pool, worried her cocktail glass would fall off the table, resulting in the loss of a perfectly good cocktail (oh, and a broken glass). She decided that what we needed was a ready to drink cocktail that came in a sturdy, lightweight plastic container. That’s when she dreamed up the Buzzballz concept.

Buzzballz are ready-to-drink Kosher certified cocktails contained within a 200 mL ball-shaped container. The lightweight plastic container can withstand a good fall, floats, stacks easily and is 100% recyclable. This combination of attributes makes these little balls of yummy goodness helpful for camping trips, beach days, picnics, pool parties and whatever else your summer throws your way.

There are 15 different Buzzballz flavours. All are made from 100% juice mixed with either vodka (8x distilled), rum (from the Virgin Islands) or tequila (sourced from Mexico). In 2016, these little balls of fun earned themselves a few awards – their Peachballz, a peach and vodka cocktail, won Silver at the 2016 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention; Lotta Colada, a smooth coconut, pineapple juice and lime mix, earned Bronze at the Seattle International Spirits Awards; Choc Tease – vodka and cream liquor – won Double-Gold and Best in Show at the 2016 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention and Gold at the 2016 Seattle International Spirits Awards. These three flavours are just a few of the award-winning Buzzballz on their docket (visit their website to see the full list of flavours).

While BuzzBallz are only available in the US at the moment (sorry fellow Canadians), Kick and her team are looking into launching into our market with their Biggie Buzzballz in the future. If you’re flying down south before summer truly comes to visit us, pick up a package or two of Buzzballz and “have a ball!” (as they say).

Buzzballz Ready-to-Drink Cocktails / $2.50

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