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Brewscovery Club box

Craft beer lovers are united by one common characteristic – the love of tasting new brews. Unfortunately, we can’t always get to those breweries that are making unique, limited-run, seasonal beers. Luckily, monthly subscription boxes exist to make sure we’re able to taste something new, no matter where we are.

The Brew Box Co. was created “to connect Ontario’s finest, freshest beers with thirsty consumers across the province.” Each month, subscribers receive a box with two to 12 brews, depending on the club they choose. The Brewscovery club box has seven to eight bottles and cans (this is the box I tested). The brews are selected from up to three different breweries each month. The Brewthusiast club box has two very rare, brewery-exclusive craft beers from up to two different breweries. And the Sawdust City Fancy Pants club has two premium bottles and 10 tall boys from Sawdust City Brewing Company.

Each box also contains the tasting notes and production information for each brew. You can compare your thoughts to the “official” tasting notes provided by the club. My Brewscovery club box came with eight beers, ranging in size from 473ml cans (five in total) to 750ml bottles (three). The styles varied, though the predominate trend was IPA. Here is the list of brews that came in my box.

From Refined Fool Brewing Co.:

  • Canatara!, a Berliner Weisse;
  • Short Pier, Long Walk, a Double IPA;
  • What’s Your Christian Mingle Username?, an IPA.

From Over Hop:

  • Hazy, a New England IPA;
  • One Love, an IPA.

From Sawdust City Brewing Co.:

  • Get it in ya!, a Double IPA;
  • I swear sugar pants, it was your idea, a brown ale; and
  • The Princess wears girl pants, a Muskokan saison.

I tested the box with a group of friends (roughly six of us in total). Each beer poured enough for everyone to have a taste with a bit leftover for anyone who really liked the brew. Let me tell you, taste testing with friends is probably one of the best experiences you can have. It’s so much fun discussing the flavours and finding out how varied our tastebuds can be.

Overall, the favourite from my box was the brown ale by Sawdust City Brewing Co. It smelled like waffles and cinnamon with chocolate notes. Basically, Christmas. Someone even mentioned they’d wear it like a cologne, it smelled that good. In the mouth, we find coffee, cinnamon, cookie dough and a hint of maple, though it isn’t super sweet, like you’d expect with that flavour profile. In fact, on second tasting, we agreed that the best comparison would be a Tim Horton’s Ice Cap or Turkish Coffee. Delicious – I definitely want more.

The Brew Box Co. currently ships to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Out of province fees may apply. You can sign up for one, three, six or 12 months at a time.

The Brew Box Brew Co. Club / Starting at $52 per month

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