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barsys robotic cocktail maker

The latest AI-based appliance, Barsys Robotic Cocktail Maker wants to make things easier for us. Much like the Breville Sommelier Unit, Drinkworks by Keurig and Rotimatic we’ve reviewed in the past, the Barsys Robotic Cocktail Maker is designed to make cocktails for you with the click of a button (or a tap on your phone).

Barsys is impressive looking and heavy, coming in at over 50 pounds. It’s a bit more narrow than a standard microwave, but bigger than a breadbox. At 19.75” x 13.5” x 13.25”, you’ll need a decent amount of counter space – especially since it becomes a lot taller when you add the bottles of alcohol… and you need space load and unload the mixers on the side.

Putting bottles into the Barsys Robotic Cocktail Machine requires finesse. The machine comes with special corks that you put into the bottles, then you flip it all upside down and slide it in. Easier said than done. Five slots for alcohol means you can give yourself a wide selection.

You fill the Barsys mixers yourself with whichever mix you want – soft drinks, juices, etc. The containers are plastic with a top that slides into the mixer slots. Barsys only has room for three mixers at a time – so even if you have five different alcohols in the machine, there is still a limited number of cocktails you can make at any given time. The Barsys Robotic Cocktail Machine 2.0 has an eject button for you mixers, making it easier to change them out when you want some variety.

While the Barsys keeps your liquids cold for 15 to 18 hours, it doesn’t dispense ice. If you want to add ice to any cocktails – or shake one up – you’ll have to put the ice in the glass or shaker first and, if shaking, do it the old fashioned way… with your hands.

Once you have installed your alcohols and mixes, you input the amounts of each liquid into the app – which connects to the Barsys Robotic Cocktail Machine via bluetooth. The app itself is well organized and easy to use. They provide cocktail recipes by social media’s top mixologists and popular influencers. They also make suggestions based on the liquids you added to the machine, and provide recommendations on which glasses to use, ingredients you need to have on hand in addition to liquids, and other tips and tricks. It pours everything in precise amounts, so you don’t have to worry about getting out the measuring tools.

The Barsys 2.0 was released this past July. Updates were made to the AI to keep drinks consistent and allow it to connect up to three devices at once through the app. The 2.0 is also supposed to improve on some of the less convenient aspects of the first versions.

The 2.0 has a new system that makes “bottles easier to remove and mess-free”. The first Barsys Robotic Cocktail Machine seemed to have been designed to wait until all of the bottle contents have been used up before removal, which meant that there is a risk that the specialized cork will stay in the machine. This resulted in your coveted alcohol spilling everywhere. If the cork did stay in the bottle neck, there was still a risk of spillage as the seal in the nozzle releases from the machine. We cannot comment as to whether the 2.0 has fixed that, though we do hope this is the case.

The 2.0 also has updated accessories and the new design prevents leakage. In the first iteration, the containers for the mixers were leak prone. Anyone who purchased a machine with the old containers can have them replaced, free of charge. Which is good to know.

Every cocktail made by the Barsys Robotic Cocktail Maker is technically correct and works for party cocktails. However, what truly elevates cocktails is the human touch – that unique twist applied to each glass. With a hefty price tag, you expect the robot bartender to do everything, including that fun spin-the-bottle-and-catch-it trick. But it doesn’t. In fact, the most it can do is pour the right amount of liquid ingredients into your glass. It’s up to you to do the mixing, stirring, shaking, garnishing, sweetening and all the other actions that make cocktails great. This makes the Barsys great for parties, so you or one of your friends won’t be trapped behind the bar all night. Anything more complicated than a straight pour, stir, add garnish and enjoy style cocktail will still require a human touch.

Barsys Robotic Cocktail Maker 2.0 / $979

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