Audeze iSine10 In-Ear Headphones

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Audiophiles of the world, take note. The Audeze iSine10 In-Ear headphones are out of this world – and I don’t just mean the alien-sequel design.

Audeze has been leading the market with their over-the-ear headphones for some time now. They use Fluxor and Planar magnets to get their unique (and ear-drum shattering) sound. The iSine10 In-Ear headphones are the first line of in-ear audio devices that features this same magnet technology, just shrunk down to fit in our ears.

Weighing in at barely 20 grams, these ear-buds-from-outer space have a broad soundstage – they’re able to cancel out the noise of a filled conference room, according to one reviewer – and outstanding range, from deep sub-bass to high-end treble. It sounds like live music, in your ears.

The iSine10 headphones are sold with two wires – the traditional 3.5mm jack we’ve all come to know and love; and the Lightning wire that Apple has made popular (and necessary for their iPhone 7). The benefit to using the Lightning wire is that it works with the iOS app to give you control over your music’s sound. You can use one of two presets or modify the sound with a 10-band equalizer that changes EQ in real time. Best part? If you set up a specific EQ preset on one device, that setting will travel with your headphones to your other devices.

Audeze is taking in-ear sound to the next level – and out of this world.

Audeze iSine10 In-Ear Headphones/$400


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