Assorted Shortbread Box by Eat My Shortbread

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Assorted Shortbread Box

They say trends repeat after a few years, and the same can be said for product creation. Eat My Shortbread takes a vintage approach to production – small batch baked with all natural, local ingredients. Their packaging reveals this vintage approach, especially the packaging for their Assorted box. It’s old time-y design and font remind me of the ice cream parlors of yore.

Of course, it’s what’s in the box that matters. The Assorted Shortbread Box includes original, white chocolate cranberry, butter crunch toffee, double chocolate, and chocolate chip variations. For this variety alone, I would suggest the assorted shortbread box. I highly suggest you share it with friends or enjoy it over a few days, as the individual squares are far too large for one person to eat, let alone have to eat five in one sitting.

I’ve included my tasting notes for your reading pleasure. This assorted selection is unique and would be perfect for shortbread lovers or gifts for friends.

Very, very crumbly; exactly what you imagine shortbread to be. Buttery, delicious and a little dry. It’s doesn’t melt in the mouth as much as expected.

White Chocolate Cranberry
It’s nice; melty, flaky, tastes homemade. Crumbly; doesn’t stay together when cut. Sweet but not overly sweet. White chocolate and cranberry flavours go amazing together.

Buttercrunch toffee
Caramel flavours very evident; toffee is more subtle. Lovely toasted notes, finished with cookie dough.

Double chocolate
Of the five I tried, this was the easiest to cut into pieces, and by far the most moist. Very cocoa-y and not too sweet. Tastes like a really crumbly brownie.

Chocolate chip
Tastes exactly like someone put chocolate chips in my shortbread.

Bonus Tasting: Legal Crack
This fun treat is similar to “Christmas Crack”, a treat my sister makes at Christmas time. It is, essentially, sugar and shortbread. Which is to say, it’s delicious… and best in small doses. There’s a reason it’s called crack.

Assorted Shortbread Box / $14

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