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Recently, I heard about two new products that left me scratching my head.

The first is alcohol-free whisky by ArKay Beverages, Inc. According to the literature, it tastes like whisky and is considered a soft drink. It conforms to Halal guidelines. Fine. But, really, in the words of Neil Postman: what problem does this solve?

Oh, silly me. Research (somewhere) must indicate that those people who can’t drink alcohol (say for allergy or religious reasons) really wish they could drink it. The press release I received about this new whisky-flavoured drink assures me that it will solve the problem of drinking-and-driving (let’s hope), and it will allow those who can’t drink (see reasons above) to not feel left out. ArKay Beverages writes, “Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite whisky drink at parties without worrying about drinking and driving. You won’t miss a thing, as ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional whisky.”

Maybe when I was pregnant, I should have indulged in de-alcoholized wine instead of gazing forlornly at my husband’s glass. I would argue that people who can’t drink don’t actually feel like they’re missing out on the fun. Don’t get me wrong: alcohol is great. But, it doesn’t make a party. However, if you’re interested, it will be available in stores on December 1st.

From whisky-flavoured pop to whisky in a can. Yes, that’s right — in a can. Again, I have to summon Postman’s ghost and ask: why?

Scottish Spirits has introduced Scotch whisky for $5 a can. The product is marketed like this: “Imagine being the first to bring a can of Scotch whisky to a party!  Not only is it convenient and portable, but it’s just plain fun and what a conversation starter. … Perfect for poolside, a tailgate party or when boating …” When boating? Does anyone else see a bit of a problem here? The language in the write-up for this product is mind-boggling.

Seriously, if you want to enjoy your drink out of a can, then by all means, go ahead. Beer’s had that advantage for years, why not other types of alcohol? But, as a company producing this stuff, please encourage consumers to use your product responsibly.

Scottish Spirits recommends that at 40% alcohol each can is meant to serve three people. The whisky is a “blend of the finest malt and grain having a rich honey, vanilla, butterscotch, apples and pears taste with a nice hint of peat and smoke in the background.” It’s aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years.


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