Vegan Valentine’s Day recipes for romance

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vegan Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Either you love it, or you hate it. Regardless, is there really a more sure-fire way to impress your partner this year than by making them a gourmet level home-cooked meal? Whether or not you’ve embraced the holiday, these vegan Valentine’s Day meals are sure to wow your partner and are a great way to release your inner romantic this year.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Nothing says “warm and cozy night in” quite like a heaping portion of pasta. Making Thyme for Health’s spaghetti Bolognese is so good that it will have you both in disbelief that the ingredients are entirely plant-based. The prep time isn’t anything outrageous, so you’ll be impressing your significant other with your newfound mastery in the kitchen without sacrificing your whole evening for it. If you’re looking for a vegan take on comfort food this Valentine’s Day, this is the recipe for you.

Portobello steaks with avocado chimichurri

Minimalist Baker’s portobello steaks offers all the deliciousness of a fancy “steak” dinner from the comfort of your own home! If you’re like me and meat substitutes aren’t your thing, this is the perfect recipe for a satisfying romantic evening. Healthy, flavourful and easy to make: kind of sounds like an ideal meal, doesn’t it?


Is your partner on the pickier side when it comes to eating? Fear not, for this ratatouille recipe by Feasting at Home can easily be altered to suit you and your partner’s needs. Whether you want to serve it over polenta, pasta or toast, as the recipe suggests, it’s sure to be melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The best part about this recipe is how simple it is. Throw some vegetables in the oven, choose what you want to serve with them, and voila!

Roasted cauliflower with chickpea curry

Cauliflower can be used in a ton of different ways, but I daresay that this may be cauliflower at its best. This dish from BonAppetit offers a little spice that goes a long way when combined with the wave of flavours here. I’m sure your significant other will be wondering if you secretly ordered in after they taste this meal.

Crispy maple-soy glazed tofu

Who said tofu had to be bland and boring? It definitely won’t be with this recipe from BonAppetit! Your partner will be sure to be impressed by your ability to make such a simple food taste so good. Maybe this straightforward recipe will even become a staple in your repertoire once you taste just how good it is.


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