Using Frames to Make a Wall Pop

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Pictures displayed around the house give the building a sense of home. Want to go a bit further and make your walls pop? These tips will have everyone staring at your walls.

Make it Easy to Oogle your work

When mounting the photos on the wall, ensure that the center of the photo grouping hangs at eye level. Too high or low and people will look at the wall. If you’re hanging above a piece of furniture, ensure that the lowest line is no higher than 6 inches from the furniture’s top. The grouping should be 75% of the furniture’s width.

Clean & Uniform

Use the same frame for each photo, mounted equidistant to make a square or rectangle. This creates the illusion of a larger photo and gives it a sharp, clean look. Tip – make a note of the frame’s model number and store so that you can easily replace it.

Be the Odd Ball Out

For odd numbered sets of photos, aim for different sizes or colours. Hang one big picture beside two smaller pictures. If the photos are the same size, hang them in a line and with one a different colour – indigo instead of black, for example.

Eclectic and Thrifty

Use random old frames instead of new. Group them together based on colour, material or shape. Then pick the best grouping – only the circular frames in wood, regardless of colour; mix up the shapes with circles, squares and rectangles; or accentuate your collection with a few metal frames as well as wood.



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2 responses to “Using Frames to Make a Wall Pop”

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  2. Daniela says:

    These are great tips! To the point.
    I had no idea that frames should be 75% of the furniture.

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