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Look forward to fun and adventure this week. We all need those two things in our lives, right? Speaking as someone who can become easily bored, I’ve discovered a cheap and cheerful way of adding fun and adventure to my week. It’s so simple that anyone can do it regardless of budget or time constraints. It’s trying new foods. Make a detour to a section of the grocery store you wouldn’t normally go to. Pick up a product you wouldn’t normally buy. How about dining at a restaurant that you might not have considered before? Take a closer look at few foods and bring something new and wonderful into your life.

She Knows “15 Trendy ‘New’ Food To Try Now

Wondering where to start? Why not begin on a healthy foot? This article lets you in on some of the superfoods that will be on everyone’s plate soon.

The Kitchn “Best Strategies To Help Picky Eaters Try New Foods

Wondering how real people deal with this situation on an everyday basis. This article has gathered some great tips from readers.

ABC Nightline News “Extremely Picky Eaters Fear Trying New Foods

Have you wondered why you (or maybe someone you know) is so picky about food? This article might hold the answer. Doctors are now turning their attention to something they’ve named “food neophobia” – the fear of new foods.

News-Medical “Three key responses behind food neophobia, the rejection of new foods in both adults and children

This article clearly lays out some typical reactions to food by those suffering from food neophobia.

A Healthier Michigan “4 Good Reasons To Try a New Food Each Week

So, now that you’ve read up on why you might be a picky eater (or why someone you know might be), here’s an article to get you motivated to try as many new foods as you can all week long. Be healthy and have fun!


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