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Canadians love their wine. So much so, we’re not only among one of the fastest growing wine consumers globally, we’re fundamentally changing an industry centuries in the making as wine continues to become a key part of our lifestyle. According to Wolf Blass and Trend Hunter, the largest online trend community encompassing approximately 12,000 Canadians: our growing knowledge of wine is fuelled by technology, we have an infatuation with fashion, and a thirst for experiences are among the trends moving wine out of the cellar and putting it squarely on our ‘social agenda’ in and out of the home.

Trend #1

We’re all becoming Everyday Sommeliers thanks to social media, social apps, and direct access to winemakers. The trend is especially evident among men, fuelled by high-tech wine cellars, digital catalogues and computerized sommelier systems. At the same time, we’re equally okay to poke fun at wine. Among the most attention-getting wine innovations are those which diffuse the snobbery, injecting a sense of humour into occasions.

Trend #2

Wine-Inspired Style. Boxed wines shaped to look like designer handbags, stylized stemware and statement wine cellars are in vogue as wine is becoming a key element of our personal brand.

Trend #3

We’re infatuated with experiences. Wine is the reason to gather, not what we enjoy when we gather creating a trend that impacts packaging, weekend plans and tourism on a global scale including:

  • Wine as Activity.
  • Packaging that can be personalized for the occasion.
  • Winecations. Wine lovers seek new experiences leading to wine country tourism around the globe.
  • Wine Painting Parties. We’re heading out to enjoy wine and paint, including walls of winebars!
  • Social Sharing In 2009, there were over 19 million blog posts with 700 dedicated wine bloggers. By 2011, there were 452 Wine Apps for the iPhone3.

Trend #4

“Celebrity Crush”: Pop culture is enamoured with new wine releases from rock bands, to Hollywood superstars to sports celebrities.

Trend #5

Calorie-Conscious Consumption. Wine lovers concerned about their waistlines have given rise to an entirely new category of portion controlled and reduced alcohol options. Accessories with built-in reminders help others stay on track with health goals while satisfying their craving for indulgence.


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