Top 10 Winter Wedding Trends and Ideas

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In the movies, it seems everyone gets married in June. However, a winter wedding can be glamorous, magical, and cinematic. With the right elements, you can successfully make your winter wedding a wonderland.

Think about you and your sweetheart in the amazing look of old Hollywood: the bride in a long, white gown with a white fur wrap and the groom in tails. You can also evoke the winter season with ‘ice’ – diamond-like jewelry. Most wedding gowns are sleeveless or strapless, but that is not practical for a bride who intends to walk any distance or take pictures outside.

Look for capes, wraps, dramatic coats or shrugs. The appearance of a bride in a snow-white dress and a shawl huddled against the groom who preferably has a matching boutonniere creates a striking contrast. Don’t forget your bridesmaids too. They can wear an attractive wrap on your wedding, and that also makes a perfect bridesmaid present.
Here are more winter wedding ideas.

Neon Signs

Nearly everyone loves neon signs, and that makes them perfect for winter weddings. Consider punching up your preferred color palette with a custom one that displays your new name or initials, favorite quote or hashtag.

Frozen Flowers

One of the top trends for winter weddings is ice-cold frozen flowers. It’s recommended to incorporate a show-stopping ice sculpture at your wedding venue décor. You can also keep your champagne cool in beautiful frozen floral ice buckets.

Leather Jackets

Yes, it’s written correctly. You don’t have to worry about the winter chill if you decided to have your wedding during this cool season. It is possible to top off your white wedding gown with a white leather jacket that can keep you warm during the entire occasion. Besides, such a jacket can add a chic, edgy touch to your appearance.

Drip Cakes

One of the most challenging things for any bride is choosing a reliable wedding catering in Toronto. Remember, you need an amazing cake and well-prepared meals for your guests. Regardless of the catering service provider you want to hire, you may want to consider drip cakes for your wedding.

A well-prepared cake topped off with amazing drizzles of decadent icing is ideal for any winter wedding. This icing option looks great and sweet as well. It also works on tiny cupcakes and towering stacked confections alike.

Plan your wedding menu carefully. You can have your favorite food but consider adding some winter touches such as warm pumpkin soup or squash dish. Also, you can serve spiced wine, eggnog or even hot chocolate as special treats for your guests. Remember to work with your caterer to create the best menu for your winter big day.

Two Groom Looks

If you think a second look is meant for brides only, you are wrong. A change into a casual velvet or jacket or even a bow tie swap for the reception is an excellent idea for the groom during a winter wedding.


If you love luxe fabric, the good news is that you can wear it for any winter wedding. Choose cool colors such as forest green, navy, blush, or burgundy. You can also tie it in anywhere – probably on invites, linens, bridesmaid gifts, ring boxes, shoes, or bouquet wraps.

Faux Fur Accents

Is there anything that says ‘cozy winter wedding’ better than faux fur accents especially when draped over the dining chairs? Besides, you can incorporate this fabric into your occasion by using faux fur blankets as your wedding favors – they can be great gifts for woodland or rustic-inspired winter occasions.

Hot Chocolate

Nearly everyone’s childhood drink (chocolate) can be your guests’ favorite sip to keep them warm during your wedding. To make everything about chocolate more interesting, design an entire station equipped with cinnamon stirrers, candy canes, lots of whipped cream, and marshmallows. Boozy add-ins such as peppermint schnapps or Bailey’s are also recommended.

Printed Bridesmaid Attire

Attractive prints are one of the excellent ways to make your stunning bridesmaids stand out during your big day. Consider winterizing the looks by choosing dark, moody florals. In case you are not good at selecting season-specific colors, work with a reputable wedding planning expert.

Choosing Your Winter Wedding Venue

Look for a fantastic inn with a great fireplace for a more intimate winter wedding. If you are planning a big occasion, opt for a historic mansion or even a private club that can still offer great warmth. Unless you intend to get married in a region that will have guaranteed snow during your wedding day, avoid any room with a big picture window. You may imagine drifts of fantastic snow, and probably end up with a gray, rainy day.

When weighing several venues, ask about the seasonal decorations they prefer. You can save a lot of money as most sites are already decorated. It’s also advisable to ensure your preferred venue will be heated adequately during the wedding as old churches can be drafty.

Other special finishing touches:

  • The groom and bride can travel by horse and a great carriage to the wedding reception. A fur throw is recommended to keep them warm.
  • Consider decorating the reception area with life-size and miniature Christmas trees.
  • You can commission an outstanding ice sculpture to decorate your reception hall.
  • A crystal bouquet is recommended for an additional wintery feel. Remember, you can keep your bouquet even after the wedding.
  • Serve your guests with a cup of hot chocolate or warm coffee as soon as they arrive at the reception site.
  • The winter chill is coming. Whether or not you are planning a winter wedding, you can still appreciate the trends and ideas associated with most winter celebrations. Remember, winter is such a fabulous season of each year to walk down the aisle – from crisp, festive mood to glamorous color schemes, there are lots of things to embrace. You can incorporate different wedding ideas discussed in this article to create an amazing winter wedding occasion.

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