Tips for Small Bedrooms

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Small bedrooms can feel cluttered and enclosed, making it difficult to really unwind. Try these tips on to make your small bedroom cozy without being too cramped.


Mattress size: sacrificing bed size for floor space is the best choice. Aim for a queen or double and splurge on the mattress quality.

Headboard and frame: the headboard is your room’s main focal point. Keep it, but avoid four post beds. This keeps your bed visually low, creating space around it.

Placement: put it against the wall opposite the door (headboard in the center). If this will impede your entry into the room, put it lengthwise against a wall, or diagonal from one corner.

Dressers and Armoires

If you have a big enough closet, store your dresser in the closet to keep the floor space open. Alternatively, try under the bed storage. Or use one dresser as a focal point, in the absence of a headboard.

Bed Side Tables

Small, foldable café tables or nesting tables are the way to go. This creates more floor space when the tables aren’t in use.


You want soft, mood lighting that isn’t so dim you can’t see everything. Try installing wall mounted lamps above the head of the bed and put some tall, thin, unornamented floor lamps in the corners.


Aim for a light taupe to give warmth. Keep your furniture, blankets and larger items in the same colour palette as the walls. Use throw pillows, blankets and artwork to incorporate pops of colour and pattern.


The most important thing to remember is that efficient use of space will make the room feel larger. If you have high ceilings, maybe try putting shelving units up high and using an attractive step ladder to add a unique quality to your room.


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