The Chemistry of Love

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Strong. Naughty. Trouble. Marriage Material. Stylish. Father Figure. Humorous. Adventurous. Successful. Low Maintenance.

Which of these “Elements of Attraction” appeal to you? And how would you describe yourself? This Valentine’s Day, Dentyne polled Canadians to find out what attracts us.

The results?

Canadians put funny first, with the largest number of us – 33 per cent – listing “Humorous” as the most essential trait or “Element of Attraction” in someone else. What’s interesting is only 12 per cent of Canadians name “Marriage Material” as our top “Element of Attraction”, and despite the stereotypes, this response is split almost equally between men (14 per cent) and women (11 per cent). The survey also reveals that Canada is not a naughty nation with only 2 per cent of us listing “Naughty” or “Trouble” as our most essential “Element of Attraction”.

Is There a Low Maintenance Disconnect?

When asked which trait or “Element of Attraction” Canadians would use to best describe themselves, one-quarter (25 per cent) of us answered “Low Maintenance” – the most popular response. Interestingly, only 10 per cent of us named “Low Maintenance” as the most essential trait or “Element of Attraction” in someone else.

Action: It’s for the Young and the French

Acting on our feelings is apparently for the young and the French. According to the survey, 43 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 said they take action when they feel an attraction to someone and that number rises to 46 per cent for those who speak French. This is compared to only 31 per cent of all Canadians. Vive la difference!

So, where do you place on this survey?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, and remember: couples that cook together, stay together!

Light some candles. Dim the lights. Cue the romantic music. And try out these recipes together.


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