Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

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Thanksgiving for many means a big family gathering and a table filled with delicious food that will soon be a lovely, if slightly uncomfortable, feeling of fullness in everyone’s bellies. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your thanksgiving perfect.

Start with something fun

While they wait for dinner, entertain your guests with appetizers and snacks in fun shapes – try a vegetable platter dressed up like a turkey. Prepare drinks for guests of all ages in cocktail glasses; giving the kids a “fancy” drink will make them feel included. Speaking of children, waiting can be hard – have a do-it-yourself dessert that they can put together and leave in the fridge during dinner.

Plan in advance

Start with dishes you love and build from there. Prepare a list of ingredients, check it twice, check it thrice and then buy all of your ingredients in advance. Check your cabinet and drawers for plates, cutlery and serving dishes to make sure you have everything you need.

Prepare in advance

Save some space in your stove for the big day by preparing breads, appetizers, big batch drinks and the dough for your pies (which you’ll bake the day of). Better yet, prepare your pies the day before and freeze them overnight, then put them in the oven to bake during dinner – the oven will already be warmed up from all of your cooking.

Quick fixes

Running short on time? Jazz up store-bought dishes. Bored with the same old? Upgrade your favourite staples. Want to wow your guests? Change up the way you cook – instead of mashed potatoes try baked potatoes, or instead of canned corn, get corn on the cob. Your imagination is your biggest asset for quick fixes.


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