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When was the last time you tried something entirely new? How did it feel – exciting, scary? Some of us love our routines, and don’t like to veer from them. They keep us on track. They provide good discipline. But, sometimes we wake up on a Monday morning and find ourselves staring down a week filled with the same-old-same-old, day in, day out. That’s when we need a change to shake us up and jump start that zest for life we might not have felt in a while. Quench has the perfect remedy: today, go out and try a new wine.

Lifestyle UpdatedLearning Something New – 7 Benefits That Go Along With It

Maybe before you start looking for a new wine to try, you need a little pep talk about how trying something new can add so much to your life. This article lays it all out for you.


The HillDon’t Be Afraid To Try New Wines

Don’t know where to start? Derek LaVallée gives a concise run-down on some little known grapes worth trying.


WineSmartSite.Com “Try A New Wine”

Most liquor stores are organized according to countries and regions. This article asks you some basic questions that will help you narrow the choices down even further.


The Wall Street Journal “I’m New To Wine, How Do I Start?”

Authors Gaiter and Brecher offer a detailed step-by-step list of useful tips that will help you expand your roster of favourite wines.


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