Swiss Chard Chips

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swiss_chardKale chips are all over the internet nowadays. Everyone and his brother crisps these things up seemingly all the time. So, not wanting to follow the tried-and-true footsteps of others, I decided I’d bake up something else – Swiss Chard. Oh alright, I know Swiss Chard chips aren’t exactly new, but they are exciting.

I love Swiss Chard (and so do Twinkie & Smitty – see below and you’ll understand what I mean). It’s only slightly bitter with a full-bodied taste that’s only made better by the addition of olive oil, garlic and salt. For all the ways that I love Swiss Chard, I’ve never actually turned it into chips. So, I picked up two bunches on my weekly shopping trip, washed and tore them into bite-sized pieces. Tossed them into the salad spinner and gave them a few really good whirls.


Laying them carefully onto a baking sheet, I drizzled one tablespoon of olive oil over them. Gave them a toss, then placed them into a 350°F oven, then I walked away and left them to bake for about 10 minutes. When I pulled them out they had lost their bright green vibrancy, but they were no less yummy, and definitely very crunchy, especially with a light sprinkling of sea salt.

I don’t have to tell you not to feed these chips to your pets, right? Hoard them all for yourself. Although, I suppose you might like to offer some to friends and family.

Enjoy as an appetizer or a snack with beer or your favourite wine or cocktail. They pair well with anything.


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