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Here is my new favourite utensil. It doesn’t look like much, does it? Well, it is. Its greatness lies in that little bend in the handle that makes all the difference. You know when you’re down to the dregs of mayonnaise in the jar and a regular spoon or spatula just isn’t up to the job of scraping out every last bit? That’s where the Supoon (Sit-Up Scraping Spoon) goes into action and saves the day. Then, after you’ve used it, and it’s covered in mayo (or whatever), you can put it down and it won’t transfer that mayo to the countertop. That’s where the bend in the handle comes in. Scoop up something, lay the spoon down, and it won’t fall over and spill whatever you’ve scooped up. Genius. Seriously, this thing has become the go-to tool in our kitchen.

The Supoon that I have is actually the ‘mini’. It functions as a teaspoon, too. It’s made of silicone, is dishwasher safe, great for nonstick pans and heat resistant to 260°C. Did I mention I love this thing? The Supoon is made by a company called Dreamfarm founded in Australia in 2003. According to the literature that came along with the product, Dreamfarm “is dedicated to creating products that respond to as-yet-unsolved problems.” Brilliant.

This product, along with a few others, were sent to me a while back, and I’ve been spending some time playing with them. If you’ve been following this blog, you know I don’t recommend products unless I truly love them. This is one of those products. The Supoon retails at $7.99 each, and although that sounds a little steep, I really think you’ll get your money’s worth and more out of it. It’s in daily use in my kitchen. But, you know, I just thought of something, too. With Thanksgiving approaching, the Supoon would make a fun hostess gift.

I’ve been testing out a few other products in the last few weeks. I’ll let you know what they are and how they fared in upcoming weeks.


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