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Summer is almost upon us. Have you made your travel plans yet? I think it’s going to be a summer of daytrips for me this year – work, work, work… You know how it is, right? However, if you are travelling this summer, whether it be near or far, I’ve come across some tips thanks to Hotels.com that can help you get it all together and have a fabulous time.

Top Travel Tips

1. Take the time to pack. Putting some thought into the items you take with you will prevent over packing and ensure you have the right items for your travel activities and the weather. It’ll also help save space in your suitcase for shopping and prevent those pesky airline fees for extra baggage.

2. Protect yourself: Sunglasses and sunscreen are must-haves. Making sure you have shades and lotion that properly protect from UV rays will ensure you have an enjoyable trip…and one where you don’t look like a lobster in photos.

3. Home away from home? Make sure they’ve got the things that you want! The Hotels.com Amenities Survey showed free Wi-Fi is the number one request amongst travellers. If you love wireless, free breakfast or parking, make sure you book at a place that provides this service.

4. Speak up: If you arrive at your hotel and it isn’t what you wanted, ask for an upgrade. Many hotels are happy to move guests into a room more suited to their needs, especially since a happy customer is much more likely to return. Also, don’t forget to befriend the concierge when you arrive; they can be a valuable source of information when it comes to what is happening in town.

5. Grow those rewards: Who doesn’t like getting things for free? With so many incentive and loyalty programs out there, it’s time to sign up.

6.Maximize time with travel apps: Hotels.com has one and so, I believe, does CAA.

7. Stand out from the crowd: Well, your luggage should anyway. To save time at the airport, spend a few minutes making your luggage unique. Whether it’s tying a bright coloured ribbon to the handle, or sticking on a patch, it’ll save a lot of time at the carousel.

8. Lighten up: Reduce the weight of your car. The less it weighs the more fuel efficient it will be. So if your trunk is packed, what better time to clear it out?

9. Follow limits: Speed limits that is. Driving at a constant speed helps your vehicle run more efficiently and reduces the amount of gas being used.

10. Maintenance is key: Simple touch-ups like routine oil changes and keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure can also help to improve your gas mileage.

Have fun, and let me know where you’re off to this summer.


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