St. Patrick’s Day

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Corned beef, boiled cabbage and potatoes … Irish food is so much more than that. This St. Patrick’s Day, wear something green, then try your luck with some of the typical dishes that might be served up by pubs that dot the Irish landscape. Irish cuisine originated from the simple, rustic cooking of the less affluent, and the classic specialties reflect those beginnings. Scrumptious dishes, like Irish stew and Soda Bread, use simple, basic, readily available and inexpensive ingredients.  Or, you can create a meal with a green theme. Serve lamb roasted with fresh mint , sautéed spinach, grilled asparagus, potatoes sprinkled with parsley, and finish with a dessert of pistachio ice cream.

Tea might be considered by many to be Ireland’s national drink. But, don’t forget about other delicious Irish tipples. Do as the Irish do. Enjoy your meal with a pint of Guinness, a very dark ale that has a toasty, coffee-like flavour and thick, creamy white head. Then round off the meal with a shot of smooth-tasting Irish whiskey, “the water of life,” or a cup of hot Irish coffee .



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