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Want this holiday season to sparkle? A new survey suggests that the way to holiday bliss is spending lots of time with friends. From office parties to family dinners and festive cocktail receptions; the winter months are packed full of traditional reasons to raise a glass of bubbly. This year, take a step back and find everyday moments to toast the season with friends.

To support this quest, Jackson-Triggs conducted a national survey to find out how much time Canadians (men and women between the ages of 18 and 55) spend with friends during the holidays. The results revealed that 90% of Canadians feel spending quality time with friends is an important factor in general happiness. However, 75% reported that spending time with friends is more difficult in the winter when compared with the summer months. I guess Jack Frost’s effort to keep us huddled snugly in our own homes has been successful. Here’s an idea: break out the bubbly and show Jack Frost what we’re made of. Who’s afraid of the cold anyway? Here, courtesy of Jackson-Triggs, are five fun everyday reasons to enjoy a good sparkler.

1. First Snowfall: Watch the weather, and on the morning of the first big flurry, surprise your entourage with a Sparkling and Snow Angel soiree. Set up some flutes and scout out a fresh patch of snow to share an unexpected day of bubbles with your besties.

2. Pre-Resolution Party: New Year’s is on the horizon, and it’s time to make a change. First? Invite your crew over for an evening of indulgence. Spoil yourselves silly with vices that you’ll soon be saying goodbye to. Hello midnight snacking! Next? Pour the bubbles and cheers to a new start, come January.

3. Digital Hangout: It’s cold, it’s snowy, and it’s beautiful – but if you don’t want to brave the blustery winter weather, catch-up with your friends online instead. Set up shop under a cozy blanket with nothing but a computer, a glass of champagne, and some juicy stories. Ah, the convenience of feeling so close yet being so far, now that is an occasion to toast to.

4. The Oscars Club: Getting Academy-ready has never been so social. With award season on the horizon, brush up on film knowledge with your closest pals by taking turns hosting screenings nights. Let the host choose the Oscar-nominated film accompanied by themed fare and bevies, and have guests vote on the movie at the end of the night. Add a touch of old-school Hollywood with sparkling for a premium evening.

5. Sunday Funday – the winter edition: Gather up all your favourites and embrace a winter wonderland. From tobogganing to ice-skating and even snowshoeing, there are a flurry of seasonal activities to choose from! An afternoon spent outside calls for a serious defrost, and what better way than with a post-snow bubbles party? Hot chocolate is so last year.

Top three benefits of spending quality time with friends include:

82% – They are fun to be around

54% – They provide a sense of belonging

52% – They support during times of crisis

Spending quality time with friends remains equally difficult during the following periods:

25% – Leading up to the holidays

29% – During the holidays

25% – After New Year’s Eve

Of the winter factors that interfere with seeing friends, Canadians surveyed reported:

38% – Cold/snow Canadian winters

33% – Family obligations

21% – Winter travel

18% – Holiday planning


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