Repurposing: Shoe Boxes

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Let’s take a moment to talk about shoe boxes. At one point in my life, I realized I could use an old shoe box as storage. Since then, I’ve discovered that there is so much more you can do with old shoe boxes that will add to your decor in a fun and affordable way.

Decorative Storage

In A Lesson in Colour Accents, I’d mentioned framing a fabric sample as a way to spice up your wall. Take it one step further and use that fabric on old shoe boxes. Bind it tight with staples, like a painter’s canvas, and use them to store old photos, letters and CDs.


Reinforce one side of the box with a piece of wood or the lid, cover it in your favourite fabric or paint it, then nail the bottom of the box to the wall for creative shelving. Just remember to store only light items on it.

Wall Art

Use the lid as a canvas and create a work of art. Or cover it with fabric, scrap book paper and ribbon, or tissue paper. Hang these little pieces like the works of art they’ve become.

Photo Frames

Not an artist and want something more than just fabric on a box lid? Put your favourite photos on the lid to transform it from wall art to photo frame.

Ribbon Organizer

I’ve never really put much thought into organizing my ribbon, but I admit that every Christmas when I’m wrapping gifts, it would be very helpful to have all of the ribbon in one place. Drill some holes in the side of a shoe box and put the ribbon wheels inside. Feed the ribbon through the holes for easy to use ribbon distribution.




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