2 responses to “Repurposing Plastic Bottles”

  1. MarilynBarter says:


    I have an Amaryllis plant that grows very long large leaves. Anyone who owns one knows that the fully grown leaves get too heavy & break. So I made a “sleeve” from two clear 2Litre soda bottles for my plant. I removed the labels, bottoms & tops & stacked them to give the leaves support. The sleeve is loose enough that new leaves & blooms grow undisturbed. My Amaryllis had 3 beautiful red flowers this winter and presently six large healthy leaves!

  2. MarilynBarter says:


    I use the green 2L plastic bottles as “green houses” for spring seedlings. I just remove the labels & caps. I cut the bottoms off & place them over the seedling planted in a container or in the ground. With the cap off, too much moisture does not build up but they are protected from wind & cold.

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