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We all have those lampshades – basic, solid-coloured cylinders that may or may not be fading from over-exposure to light. Giving it a makeover is easy… and if you get creative, tons of fun.

Easy & Colourful

Material – fabric
Select a new fabric. Measure the circumference of the lampshade and cut the appropriate length of cloth. Use super-adhesive spray to bind the cloth to the shade.

Material – dye
Either fill a bowl with dye and soak the shade until it is the desired colour; or use a powdered dye (mixed with water) and paint it on. You control how strong the colour is by how diluted you make the mix.

Soft & Feminine

Material – lace
Find a style (or a few styles) you like and cut lengths the circumference of the shade. Attach each strip with the adhesive spray. Either layer the lace for a frilled look or paste it the full height of the shade.

Material – plastic or cloth flowers
Cover the shade in these flowers for a textured, dynamic look.

Unique & Over-The-Top

The shade is your canvas; here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Material – black cloth & a hole punch
Pick an image – a world map or someone’s portrait – and sketch it on the “inside” of the cloth. Punch holes along the lines of the sketch. Bind the cloth to the shade for a Light Bright-esque masterpiece.

Material – self-adhesive silver foil
Make the inside of the shade shine with silver foil. Purchase self-adhesive foil (available at most craft stores), measure a length to match the inside of the shade and stick it on.

Material – ribbon
Use several different lengths, colours and textures of ribbons and wrap them around the shade securely for an interesting and eclectic look.


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