5 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Doors

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There’s a repurposing project that makes a bold statement in the home – the transformation of old-fashioned, antique doors into practical and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Vintage Reflection

Old doors are the perfect size and shape for a full length mirror. Added bonus, they look fantastic with every type of decor. You can keep the original wood grain texture of the door or paint it over to match your bedroom. Add vintage hooks to hang scarves and belts.

Windows to the Soul

This works best with doors that have multiple little panels – remove the panels, treat the door and attach the images so that they show through the holes. Hang the door horizontally behind your couch. Or, if you’re looking for the casual, leaning look, remove the panels and stand the door upright against the wall. Install a little shelf or platform, then mount picture frames on them.

Hanging Out

A wide door makes a beautiful hanging shelf over your kitchen island. Install four chains from the ceiling to each corner of the door and hooks on the underside. You can hang pots from the bottom and store pans, roasting trays and other bigger items on top.

Desk Top

Make a desk that will inspire your creativity for years with double doors. And it can convert to a table for when you need extra dining space. Fix one of the doors to the legs. Install the second half with hinges so that opens upwards and add pockets on the underside. When you’re using it as a desk, keep the second half open.

Dividing Line

Multiple doors can create an interesting divider in a room or even an intriguing fence. Paint them all different colours and stand them up semi-folded or plant them in the ground upright.


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