Repurpose: Bright Ideas for Old Light Bulbs

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Have you heard? The incandescent light bulb is going the way of the Cassette tape. This phase out will be complete by the end of 2014. If you want to keep blown out bulbs around for sentimental value, try one of these “bright ideas”.

Looking Pretty

Transform your bulbs into stylish decorations for your front entry way or for a party. You’ll need :

  • Bulbs
  • Spray paint in a colour of your choice
  • Lace or mesh (for the pattern)
  • Strong string
  • Apoxy/glue

Cover the light bulb with the mesh or lace, spray the paint (don’t forget to paint the bottom metal bit), and glue the string to the bottom.

Illuminating Notions

Give the bulb back its original purpose by converting it into an oil candle. Full instructions can be found at The instructions include affixing the candles onto a black, wooden base, but you could try looking for wire holders – like what you might use for Fabergé eggs.

Beholder of Beauty

Let your bulbs give back by making them into mini vases or planters. You’ll need:

  • Copper wire – something sturdy and funky to hold your bulb
  • Bulb
  • Water
  • Plant

Hollow out the bulb – see the youtube video below. Create a stand for the bulb with your copper wire – bend it around until you get something interesting. Fill the bulb with water and insert plants.

Cause a Scene

Create a terrarium. Hollow out the bulb and coat the bottom with small sand or pebbles. Add Tillandsia – aka air plants – and some tiny plastic figures. Twist the copper wire and put your little worlds on display. For the full dos and don’ts, read this article on the

How to hollow out a bulb



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