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There’s nothing like a tasty home-cooked meal after a long workday. But, if you’re anything like me, you find that cooking from scratch is not always possible on weeknights. Getting home late thanks to the hours you work, traffic, or just getting the kids out to dance and hockey makes thoughts of a home-cooked meal go up in smoke. Well, believe it or not, cutting back on your take-out spending is totally possible. Help is here. We’ve compiled a list of the best websites dedicated to helping you through that evening crunch.

The Huffington Post, “How Eating At Home Can Save Your Life

If you needed any more reasons to at least make an effort to cook at home on weeknights, Dr. Mark Hyman lays them out pretty clearly.

ChooseMyPlate.gov, “Cook More Often At Home”

This article on the American government’s website provides answers to some of the most common problems people face when planning weeknight meals.

The Kitchn, “Cook Once, Make 5 Meals

So, now that you know why cooking at home is important, and you’ve resolved the obstacles. This website will provide you with quick, easy and delicious meals to pull together any night of the week.

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