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Tara Noland is the creator of the blog, Noshing With The Nolands, a funny and honest account of her and her family’s adventures in cooking, baking and entertaining. Having spent years dedicating her time and energy to a variety of careers throughout her life, such as nursing, founding a successful gift basket company and working as a sales representative, she discovered that the culinary arts would give her the creative outlet she needed to keep herself happy. In no time, her daughter and husband were right there in the kitchen with her. You can find her food photos on Foodgawker, Tastespotting and Tasteologie, and her recipes in Tasty Kitchen, Foodbuzz and Healthy Aperature. In 2012, Tara was honoured with the invitation to participate in JC100, a commemoration of what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday on Gourmet Live‘s blog.

What inspired you to embark on a cookbook series?

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I am getting at it slowly but surely. I want all the recipes to be fantastic!

Who inspired your love of cooking?

Julia Child, I have been a huge fan of hers forever.

In honour of your upcoming cookbook, what’s your favourite appetizer and cocktail combination?

I love a champagne cocktail and a caviar appetizer on a special occasion.

Where did you receive your culinary education?

I have not had any formal culinary education. I have taken many, many courses over the years but all of them just for fun. I am completely self-taught!

How do you go about conceiving and developing new recipes?

I will get an inspiration from some media source, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, TV or just my “head” and from there so much happens. I love discussing and bouncing ideas off my daughter and husband.


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