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Many Canadians sat down to a family feast this past Thanksgiving weekend. How many of us enjoyed the traditional sides of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or glazed carrots? How many of us peeled and peeled and then peeled some more?

Peeling a potato will probably never be considered a “fun” activity but we can certainly make the task less cumbersome by using a quality peeler.

The Prepara Trio-Tri Peeler

This peeler not only gets through the tougher skin of harder produce – such as potatoes and carrots – but includes two additional blades that easily switch out of the ergonomic handle. A second blade is designed to peel the softer skins of peaches or tomatoes. As an added bonus, a third blade creates julienned strips of veggies or shoestring potatoes for homemade French fries. All three blades are made of the finest Japanese surgical steel for maximum performance and durability.

Washing this peeler is slightly more time consuming than a one-piece peeler. It is best to remove the blade(s) and make sure the handle is adequately cleaned as juice from your produce can seep down into the cartridge. Skip the dishwasher. Also, it should be noted that although the handle is ergonomically designed, it is bulkier than a standard peeler (as the blades are stored in the handle cartridge) but with some time, the user should grow accustomed to the change.


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