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Mid-winter has arrived. It’s understandable if you’ve put any big home renovation or redesign plans on hold in favour of cozying up on the couch to read a book or watch a movie. However, if you do have plans for the warmer weather, why not do the prep work now? There are several room design planners available – accessible from the comfort of your sofa.

Urban Barn

Easy to use with a decent selection of furniture, this site is for the idea seekers or Urban Barn shoppers who aren’t ready to think in colour. The Icovia room planner software is fairly basic, which makes it perfect for those who are just looking for inspiration.

Autodesk Homestyler

Have you ever played Sims? If so, you’ll find using this planner reminiscent of building a house for your Sims, only the selection of furniture is much wider – and more stylish. It’s easy to navigate, complete with an undo button.

Room Sketcher

A bit disorganized – the furniture has just one category with over 700 pieces to choose from – this site is good for when you don’t have a particular style in mind. Unfortunately, to see the 3D version of your plan, you need to have an account.

Small Blue Printer’s Floorplanner

Probably the most complex of the ones I tested, this one isn’t as easy to use. The layout style is similar – if not identical – to what you’d see in drafts by architects and interior designers. This site is perfect if you’re looking to create a professional draft of your room.

Your Store’s Website

If you are planning to shop someplace specific, check their website for an online floor planner. The program should be able to generate a list of items, which you can bring to the store for an easier shopping experience.


A freelance writer and editor, Lisa Hoekstra loves learning and trying new things. She can be found with her nose in a book or multiple tabs open on her browser as she researches the latest and greatest in the world of food, style and everything in between.

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