Picking Bedroom Curtains

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Bedroom curtains give us the ability to control just how much light comes into our bedrooms, whether it’s the street lamp shining all night long or the morning sun beaming down on you. Picking the right fabric can play a huge role in the success of your bedroom curtains.


Sun Drenched Rooms

I lived in an apartment once that not only got full-blown sun during the day, but also the street lights at night. Use a heavier fabric – try thick cotton, linen, coarse muslin, heavy satin or velvet. If you have your heart set on a lighter fabric, line it with a dark fine muslin to keep the sun out.

Shadowy Rooms

Some rooms don’t get much light, making every bit of light valuable. Use lighter materials that will allow for a warm glow during the day to keep the spirits up, like voile, damask, light satin or thin cotton. Or try sheer materials, like organza, lace or nylon.

Double the fun

Combining fabrics and materials adds depth to your windows. Have drapes made from a lighter fabric up top and a thicker fabric on the bottom. Or have painted wooden shutters or blinds.


Luxurious & Impressive

Draperies that go from ceiling to floor leave a lasting impression. Use a thick fabric in the same colour as the bedding and furniture, paired with white gossamer under-curtains to lighten the mood.

Whimsical & Light-hearted

Bright colours and flowing patterns lift the tone, especially with tall, wide curtains. For multiple windows, mix up the patterns of your drapes, keeping the colours complementary, to make it even more unique.


Take white wooden cornices, billowing white lace curtains and white-painted wooden blinds and add some pretty pink accents such as curtain ties and detailing to the cornices and blinds.


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