Spring Cleaning Tips – Organizing the Outdoor Garden Shed

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Spring cleaning can seem like a never ending task. But once it’s done, it’s time to look outside… to your garden shed. Read on for a few tips on keeping your exterior storage spaces clean and organized.

Tools of the trade

Make finding your garden tools easy by setting up a storage system. You can find different hooks and pre-made units at any hardware store, but the easiest (and cheapest) thing to do is hammer in some nails at even distances, hang your tools (making an outline of each on the wall behind it if you’d like), and installing a shelf above for unused flower pots.

Hose down

Install a hook for your garden hose in an easily accessible spot, like the side of your shed or house. These hooks are available at most hardware or gardening store for a reasonable price. If you want something fancy, drill a small, antique-ish metal bucket into the wall and loop your hose around it. Use the bucket’s inside as a shelf for hose accessories.

Shelf life

There are many different ways you can install shelving, it’s really a matter of taste. Metal, wire shelving is adjustable and doesn’t block the light. Vintage wooden wine crates converted into a shelving unit look rustic and fancy. Use your imagination to beyond clearing up the clutter.

Basket case

The baskets you have uselessly sitting around the house (or shed) can be repurposed into storage bins for your shed. Many are the perfect size for gloves and other doo-dads.

Bottle it up

Store nails, seeds, clothes pins and other tiny items in mason jars or baby food jars so you can easily see what’s inside. Keep the jars in one basket or on one shelf to easily find them.



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