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A cold bite is in the air, which means a wardrobe change. Every Fall, I pack up my summer gear in exchange for winter clothes. I just don’t have enough room in my closet for both. Here are five tips for packing up in an orderly fashion:

Contain yourself

Invest in plastic bins. These are easy to store and keep out moisture and bugs. Get multiple sizes – maybe two of each size – so that you can squeeze them in your closet’s nooks and crannies.

Bonus: if you have extra boxes, use them to store other stuff, like the wires you’ve acquired over the years.

Stay Fresh

Wash and thoroughly dry the clothes prior to packing. Line the bin with plastic and throw in a dryer sheet for good measure. This will prevent the musty smell that seems to plague stored clothing.

Bag It

For dress clothes, use a garment bag. If, like me, you really don’t have space in your bedroom closet – because winter clothing seems to be twice the width of summer clothing – go to the next tip.

Lay Down

I once lived somewhere with no closets; this was when garment boxes saved the day. These long, flat boxes keep dress clothes safe over the colder months.

Don’t Forget

Label your boxes, especially if there are several of them. Ensure the note is visible while the box is in storage – usually the side of the box is better than the top. This way, if you need the shirt that would be perfect with your new cardigan, you won’t have to dig through multiple boxes.

Have fun with this – model your newly rediscovered outfits; donate to charity the ones you won’t wear… this will make space for the new clothes you’ll buy!


A freelance writer and editor, Lisa Hoekstra loves learning and trying new things. She can be found with her nose in a book or multiple tabs open on her browser as she researches the latest and greatest in the world of food, style and everything in between.

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