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Bookshelves are part of every home. They can be used for a multitude of purposes – the traditional storing of books, the more modern holder of DVDs or Blu-Rays and even the eclectic location of photos and trinkets from travels. Here is some advice on how to make your bookshelves truly your own.


If you’re like me and have a library that just continues to grow, you’ll use these units to store your collection. Organize your books alphabetically by author, then series and/or title. Or, if you think more in themes, separate your collection into genres, then organize each alphabetically. If you have multiple series or authors that you know you will add to, leave a space big enough for roughly three books at the end of each section. Use bookends that match your personality to save the space until you manage to complete the oeuvre.

More Modern

More of a cinephile than a bibliophile? DVDs and Blu-Rays take up less space, which means you have more room to decorate. Add a few cinematic effects with shelf lighting, movie-themed memorabilia, and maybe even a few miniature framed movie posters. As with the book collectors, you can organize your collect by genre or alphabetically. I personally like to keep my TV series separate from my movies, then organize everything alphabetically in those two categories.

Eclectic Trinkets

The way you organize your trinkets is completely up to you (obviously), though I suggest you ensure that it’s in such a way that is easy to dust. Keep any small items – like figurines – on a tray so you can pull it off the shelf and dust underneath. Make the shelf eye catchin; paint the back a shade darker (or lighter) than the unit itself. This will create a dynamic visual effect highlighting your trinkets.


A freelance writer and editor, Lisa Hoekstra loves learning and trying new things. She can be found with her nose in a book or multiple tabs open on her browser as she researches the latest and greatest in the world of food, style and everything in between.

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