New Year’s Resolutions

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I hate to mess with tradition. But, don’t you think it’s time to kick the resolution habit? Do you still make New Year’s resolutions? Better yet, do you keep them longer than a few days, or a few weeks? Good for you, if the answer is ‘yes’. Most of us don’t. Angus Reid conducted a survey throughout the month of December asking women about their New Year’s resolutions success. The result? Almost half of us fail to keep those resolutions for more than four weeks. Ok, that’s not too bad. I guess I had thought that even more of us would have let them fall by the wayside by week two.

Good on you for sticking with it, especially since the survey revealed that some women feel they have a better chance of marrying a celebrity than keeping their resolutions! I think, if anything, that alone tells you what most people think of this whole resolution thing.

What are your resolutions usually about? Getting healthier is typically the big one.

How about trying this: No resolutions to ring in the New Year. Just admit to yourself that you’re fabulous 365 days a year, resolution or not. This way, there’s no room for the feelings of disappointment and guilt most of us experience when we realize we can’t keep those resolutions that excited us only a few weeks earlier.

This is how the survey results stack up:

  • 41% who make resolutions rarely or never achieve them;
  • 1 in 6 (16%) feel that resolutions remind us of our shortcomings;
  • 8% say resolutions are more obsolete than a VCR;
  • 41% are able to laugh it off when the time to bail on their resolution inevitably comes.

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